Bradley has more than two decades of experience as a digital artist, technical director, supervisor and recently, producer, at several of the finest film, animation and digital visual effects studios in South Africa as well as abroad.
He spent fourteen months at Animal Logic in Australia working as a lighting compositor on ‘Legend of the Guardians’ and almost a year at Aardman studios in Bristol, U.K. on the Oscar nominated ‘Pirates!, Band of Misfits’, as a Lighting Technical Director.
2015 saw Brad working on the second season of Starz network’s ‘Black Sails’ where he spent six months as part of the on-set VFX team shooting 10 x 1 hour episodes for premium US broadcast.
In 2014 Brad spent more than 6 months as a compositor on George Miller’s epic ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’.
In 2015 he returned to Sunrise to produce and composite a successful sports marketing short for premier European soccer club Juventus.
Brad returned to Sydney, Australia in 2016 to join the crew at Animal Logic to work on two animated Lego features, Lego Batman and Lego Ninjago. After that, he spent 18 months at Kojo in Adelaide, South Australia as a CG supervisor on Anthony Maras’ live action feature ‘Hotel Mumbai’.
Brad is currently in Cape Town, South Africa where he is an independent VFX Supervisor under the Lenscowboy brand.
Brad has extensive technical and production experience and is expertly familiar with numerous key film, photographic & digital technologies. He has worked with some of the finest creative talent in the world and understands the value of recruiting and staffing correctly and enjoys working with enthusiastic people, learning from talented people and inspiring like-minded people.