Our time in Australia has come to an end.

In 2016, after 6 months at Animal Logic, on a handful of Lego shots, my family and I moved west to settle in Adelaide and for me to begin work at Kojo. I spent most of the last year on the upcoming Anthony Maras directed feature Hotel Mumbai. It was a busy, challenging, rewarding, stretching, at-times-frustrating, roller-coaster ride of a production. I haven’t seen the finished movie yet but the Kojo creative head Marty Pepper tells me it looks gorgeous. From what I have seen I reckon it’s going to do very well. It’s a great story and Anthony has done a masterful job. He is definitely not one to compromise and the final picture will reflect that. Hats off to the team at Kojo especially Marty, Kate Butler and the Kojo VFX team.

For me and my family, we are heading back to South Africa to be with our own family. We’ve been in Australia for two years now. We’ve added another member to our family, grown a little older, a little wider and come to realize that life is very short. We’ve a case full of happy memories from our trip but I cannot lie. It has not been easy, especially on my wife and kids. We miss those closest to us and although there are many things we will miss in Australia, we have decided to be with those closest to us. I am hoping this won’t the last of my dealings with Australia or her good people. Twice now she has welcomed me with open arms and perhaps, God willing, she will do so someday for a third time. I just don’t know. For now my attention turns (further) west, to my home, South Africa.

Despite the concerns and the obvious challenges I still believe Africa holds enormous potential. I have read about the surge towards China (in a film industry context) and even though there is still a long road to travel, I believe that Africa could be the next China. She has the scale, she has the resources and most of all, she has the people. I am looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of my African bothers, sisters and friends. I can’t wait to see the sunrise over Table Bay, stroll along a West Coast beach or travel up the Garden Route again. In all of those places I know I will see the many faces that I have so missed.

I will be available for work as a supervisor and/or artist and, as always, I will also be chipping away at some of my own ideas for stories and films. So if you are looking for decent VFX, CGI or animation, or perhaps looking to invest in a creative venture, please do let me know.