‘Majestic’: The Set Extension Project

Ongoing realtime-rendering RnD project.

A couple of work-in-progress frames from a proof of concept piece I shot ages ago. The aim was to rebuild a digital set from a live action shot.
The project stalled several times over a couple of years mainly due to not having the resources to render the shot (641 frames) in full 4k resolution. I recently repurposed the entire shot for use in Unreal which allowed me to render all 641 frames (including 8 additional aovs) in 4k, in a little under 2 hours. Coming from a traditional vfx/3D background where it’s not unreasonable to wait hours for a 2k pass, I find this quite remarkable!
There is still plenty I’d like to add to the shot but it’s become something of a monkey on my back so here’s a frame… to appease the monkey.
There are a couple of fundamental things I would still like to solve in the Unreal workflow (per object rgb mattes (cryptomattes?), decent displacement, uniform shaders between blender and Unreal) so shout if you have any links or pointers for me.
A huge thanks to Sabine Palfi who generously offered up her time to stand in for me, even rising at the crack of dawn to get the sunrise. She is a talented actress and if you require an actress or model in South Africa or abroad please do contact her here:
or here:
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