Plank Films – Cobra ‘Rush Hour’

Cape Town 2021

More Houdini CG crowds!
I recently had the pleasure of working with director Peter Pohorsky and producer Seamus Bax for Plank Films on a commercial for Cobra, suppliers of bathroom taps, fittings and accessories.
The spot called for a 8 shots featuring a stadium full of cheering crowds watching a family of four chase each other around the stadium track in pursuit of first prize which turns out to be…time in the loo?!
Once again, our dear friend Covid 19 put paid to having large crowds of extras on set. So Seamus and Pete approached me to consider a CG solution.
The result works well and the added flexibility also meant that, once the system was built, I could double the crowd numbers at the eleventh hour, something even I didn’t fully appreciate until it was done. I fall deeper in love with Houdini with each passing job!
Editor Xander Van Der Westhuizen cut the piece and local post shop Strangelove supplied roto services as well as all post processes. My old friend Bevil Schwartz oversaw the job, Charmaine Greyling handled online and Nic Apostoli wrangled the grade.
I’m working with Strangelove regularly of late and the process is a pleasure. I look forward to strengthening the relationship especially during this time of scattered resources.
Every now and again a job will go surprisingly well. This was one of those jobs.
Pete and Seamus are a pleasure to work with and the vibe and energy on the whole job was a breeze. Pete allowed me to offer up suggestions and trusted me with some critical decisions. (Check out the wide shot of the stadium which is a combination of two separate plates of the Greenpoint athletics stadium which, in reality, only has one stadium stand!)
From the recce to the final video approval with the client, the whole job was an entirely pleasant experience. It inspires me to give even more when I work with clients like Plank Films!
Check out the full, hilarious spot (dripping with Pete’s trademark humour) below, or you can check out Planks’ website at: